Christine Chapman

Engineering Manager, Public Speaker, Story Sharer

Hi, I'm Christine...

I develop resources and toolkits to ensure women thrive in their first five years in tech.

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I'm passionate about tech industry stories. Here's mine:

My first few years in tech were hard. A few early moments convinced me that I didn’t belong and I struggled to move past that and recover. I was told I was too emotional and not technical enough. I was afraid to ask questions, scared of breaking the build, and hard on myself for every mistake. Coworkers compared me to their girlfriends and I felt pressured to attend happy hours or participate in ping pong tournaments in order to fit in. In reaction to that, I cared passionately about diversity and recruiting issues, convinced I could change my team that way, but soon that became all I was known for. When I pushed for change, some listened, but more didn't. Burdened with microaggressions and workplace challenges, I felt alone.

Everything changed for me when I found my community.

Community came in many forms: an early mentor who inspired me to take action, a woman who joined my team, a listserv of people around the world dedicated to change, and a women in engineering group. Six years later, I've achieved something I never believed was possible in the early days. I stayed in tech. In the last 6 years, the industry has changed and my teams have changed. But most importantly, I have changed with the help of my community. Things are far from perfect and there are still hard days, but I'm here.

I believe everyone in the industry has an important story. Whether you've stayed for years or are just starting out, your story matters. Tech industry stories shine a light on challenges affecting underrepresented minorities in the industry. We can use those stories to create community and drive lasting change.